NewSource Consulting and Career Compass Canada

NewSource is a professional Human Resource consulting firm that serves the small to medium size commercial market. We have been helping companies since 1999. We are partnered with Career Compass Canada, a leading HR Talent Management firm to offer our clients our "My HR Consult" service.  We focus on providing reasonably priced solutions to the array of human issues confronted, on a daily basis, by businesses small and large. We de-mystify the landscape of people management and turn the seemingly complex into logical, easy steps to add value to the employer/employee relationship.

We help clients develop innovative human resource strategies to align with their business growth strategies and provide solutions to people management issues that may inhibit current and future growth.  We work to solve problems in a timely and efficient manner before they become big expensive and time consuming..

Our goal is to help our clients find the best way to create a work environment and focused human resource strategy that facilitates business growth, people development and a discipline of success within your market.

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NewSource Management and Gallium Corporate Finance

NewSource and Gallium have created a unique service offering for our clients by linking the benefits of human and financial capital consulting together under one roof. Regardless of your business model and growth plans, achieving success relies on the effective utilization of financial and human capital in the workplace. "Acquiring the human and financial capital resources necessary to fuel your success" is an absolute must - having the know-how to achieve both at your fingertips is "invaluable".

If you want to grow your company, be the best of the best in your industry, raise capital, hire people and create a winning people organization - give us a call - let us help you develop and implement your plans.

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