My HR Director

Today, more than ever; Employee Benefits play a significant role in helping to attract and retain a new generation of employees. People who bring new ideas and fresh perspectives to the workplace and who will be greatly needed as the current "boomer generation" retires. These employees approach work and their compensation from a different viewpoint. They are internet savvy and are active in social networking. They know, almost instantly, what other employees are paid and receiving in benefits from their employers and are constantly searching for better "work/life" balance in their jobs and careers.

" It is hard for any employer to keep pace with the innovation and changes taking place in the Employee Benefit and Pension field - the risk is - if you don't - you will quickly fall behind and begin to lose out on attracting and retaining the best people for your organization."

NewSource, is a licensed Insurance Broker in Ontario.  We combine our senior Human Resource experience and background with our extensive knowledge and ability in designing and implementing Compensation and Employee Benefit plans for our clients that meet the changing needs of today and tomorrows workforce. 

We provide our clients with forward thinking benefit plan designs and products that - are - effectively linked to total compensation/reward strategies, are tax effective and leading in innovation and cost management concepts. 

Our relationship with many of Canada's leading Benefit Consulting firms provides us with the ability to help our clients design and implement cost effective Benefit Plans while delivering enhanced benefits and greater value for the premium dollars spent.

We work with our clients to determine the right mix of plan design elements to meet the demographic needs of their employees; and ensure that all design changes and implementation plans are managed effectively from beginning to end.

"We build everything on TRUST - we will be there for you and your employees to ensure that you receive exceptional service."