My HR Director

Business Solution

Our clients come from a wide variety of industries.  They are mostly SME's with 25 to 250 employees.  Our clients retain us to provide on-time, as needed Conceirge HR service or provide an ongoing HR Manager role either on or offsite or to fill in for maternity or other leaves of absence of their senior HR people.  We are a one stop solution for all of our client's HR needs - and we provide 24/7 accessibility.

My HR Conceirge Service

Fills this GAP.     Our conceirge service provides "added insurance."   Insurance that all of the complex and taxing issues related to people management can be managed on a timely, cost effective and as needed basis.  Our on-call advice, guidance and job performance provides clients with a rapid response to complex issues that can rob the business of productivity and takes business leaders away from their primary duties and responsibilities.  

Just a few of the things we do are:

  • Manage termination situations to avoid or reduce the cost of litigation
  • Manage conflict in the workplace to avoid human rights complaints or grievances
  • Manage absenteeism issues that impact performance and work completion
  • Manage performance issues that affect productivity and employee morale
  • Review develop and implement policies and procedures that comply with current legislation
  • Manage workplace disability and long term absence issues effectively
  • Review, develop and implement compensation and benefit plans that support the competitiveness of the business
  • Manage health and safety issues before they become problematic
  • Help coach and train managers to become better people managers and leaders

My HR Manager Service

Often, clients don't have in-house HR expertise in key management positions.  They hire us to provide this ongoing service on a retainer basis that suits their budgets. In this role; some of the many things we do are:

  • provide day to day oversight and management of all key human resources activities such as payroll management
  • creation and implementation of policies and procedures, compensation and benefit plans, health and safety plans
  • managing labour relations activities
  • working with outside legal counsel on employment and labour issues
  • playing an active role in divestitures and acquisitions
  • people development, training, performance improvement, long term disability and absence management solutions

Our Monthly Contract Fees are:

    • Based on the needs of each client and are usually charged at an agreed hourly rate/month. 

This service pays for itself and provides clients with a high return on investment.and "peace of mind"

"Solve one employment related is that could go legal and see the results to your bottom line!


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